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Students Build Modular Seating Unit

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Published on:

April 9, 2014


Students Build Modular Seating Unit

This project – a modular seating unit that can anchored to poles and other similar vertical structures – was developed by David Harrison, Julio Medina, and Anastasia Podolskaya as part of an urban issues class at NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego, Calif.

The design was inspired by the nearby shipyards and it aims to foster greater social interaction and connectivity between the residential and industrial zones along San Diego’s Barrio Logan area. As explained by the students:

“Barrio Logan is an urban laboratory for community redevelopment as a result of a lack of proper zoning regulations. There is a harsh edge condition between the residential zones and the industrial zones. The specific site was chosen to provide a platform for prototyping a symbol of a larger plan to merge the two dramatically varying grains. An area for the industrial employee’s and the neighborhood inhabitants to relax and enjoy a public space dedicated to infecting public access into the industrial zones, creating a symbiotic relationship between the urban resources, the people, and the waterfront.”