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Bachelor of Architecture

Building the Future

Unlock your potential with the Bachelor of Architecture at NewSchool, the only program south of Los Angeles accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Our inclusive approach welcomes diverse talents fostering a community where exceptional ideas flourish. Immerse yourself in a curriculum that not only prepares you for licensure but also integrates you into the heart of the city’s booming development and connection to the tech and biotech sectors. Located in San Diego’s hub of architectural innovation, our students gain hands-on experience working on real projects with actual clients, guided by excellent faculty known for creativity and industry connections. Our graduates are highly sought after, stepping into the job market with a competitive edge and a network that opens doors to a future where they don’t just inhabit spaces—they create them.

Program Highlights


On Campus




225 Hours




*Within 6 months of graduation (2022)

Career Opportunities

Our Bachelor of Architecture degree program can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Architectural Designer
  • Project Risk Manager
  • Landscape Architect
  • Drafter
  • Lead Designer
  • Job Captain
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Design Consultant
  • Educational Facilities Designer
  • 3D Architectural Designer
  • Model Maker

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Architecture program will be prepared to:

PLO 1HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN: Employ an empathetic approach to architecture through an ethical design process centered on environmental stewardship, regeneration and resilience, upholding values of social equity, diversity, and inclusion to promote human and ecological well-being.
PLO 2CRITICAL THINKING: Employ critical thinking as a fundamental process grounded in theoretical and practical criteria, informed by diverse perspectives and contexts, to develop and analyze lines of inquiry, concepts, and design decisions.
PLO 3REPRESENTATION: Establish representation as the disciplinary and critical foundation of the architecture profession, by integrating heuristic, technical, analytical, and synthetic modalities, across tools.
PLO 4ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: The holistic application of discipline-specific skills and methods for the conception and development of architectural projects; interrelating multiple technical, natural, and cultural design conditions, including program, site, and user.
PLO 5INTEGRATED ARCHITECTURE: Establish a synthetic design process through the integration of constructive and environmental systems by employing emerging trends in performance of building systems and incorporating measurable and evaluative approaches between collaborating agencies in architectural projects.
PLO 6PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AND LEADERSHIP: Collaboratively lead stakeholder teams in the design process, fulfilling the legal, ethical, environmental, and financial responsibilities to clients, communities, and the public, while practicing as a lifelong learner within the wide range of career paths in an evolving profession.

Student Work