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Our curriculum provides design students with a wide range of skills they need to create eye-catching and innovative design portfolios. Our programs focus on sustainable measures.

Architecture & Design

New School provides comprehensive interdisciplinary programs covering a wide range of art and design fields, including urban design, fine art, and product design. Within these programs,
students and researchers delve into established disciplines while also exploring emerging ones, fostering innovation that drives business transformation, promotes sustainability, and enhances social impact and health. Renowned for their practical approach, these programs are accessible to undergraduate, graduate, and professional learners, facilitating connections with industry leaders and innovative creators, and expanding professional networks. By combining critical thinking and creative abilities unique to New School, students uncover fresh avenues for using design to make a positive global impact.

Degree Programs

Other Programs &

Discover a world of possibilities with our array of Other Programs & Resources. Whether you’re seeking to broaden your knowledge, enhance your skills, or explore new interests, we have a diverse range of offerings that cater to your unique needs. Dive into the exciting realm of summer courses, embark on a transformative journey through integrative studies, or immerse yourself in captivating lecture series.


At NewSchool, Assessment is a cyclical or continuous process that can be described in 5 stages. The first step in the assessment cycle is to establish learning outcomes. Once the outcomes are determined, a plan must be established to determine what learning outcomes will be assessed and when they will be assessed (see below for sample of NewSchool’s 3-Year Assessment Plans).

Cartouche: Architectural & Design
Review Archives

Cartouche was created by NewSchool of Architecture & Design students to provide a forum for analysis and discussion of architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscape architecture, and the fine arts.

*Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of NewSchool of Architecture and Design, nor is any guarantee made regarding the accuracy of bylined articles and academic papers.