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Campus Safety

NewSchool of Architecture & Design places a high-level of importance on maintaining the safety of our students. We have security on site and offer free security escorts for our students traveling within a ten block radius.

Our Campus

NewSchool’s urban campus is designed to give students the professional tools they need to bring their creative ideas to life. Our 85,000 square foot campus features a large scale print shop, a materials lab with a state-of-the-art 3D printer, and a library dedicated to design and architecture publications. Whether you’re sketching in one of our many studio spaces, designing a rendering in our Mac or PC computer labs, or producing your design on our 3D printer – NewSchool has the tools you need to grow as a designer.

Our campus is located in the exciting East Village Design District in downtown San Diego. The area is buzzing with creative energy, inspiring architecture and innovative design studios and architecture firms. The campus is only blocks away from the beautiful San Diego Public Library which houses over 5 million books. With over 15 museums within a 1-mile radius and beautiful beaches to enjoy, our students have plenty of sources of inspiration.

Safety And Security

It is the mission of the NewSchool Department of Safety & Security to work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn, work, and live while respecting the rights and dignity of each member of the university community. We will focus on continuous improvement in order to provide top-quality service in an ethical, courteous, and professional manner.

NewSchool students are automatically enrolled in an Emergency Notification System called Blackboard Connect. This system will allow you to receive timely notification should an emergency occur on campus. Standard charges for incoming calls and text messages apply (please check with your provider if you have questions concerning those charges).

Crime Prevention

Any crime committed on NewSchool premises should be promptly reported to Campus Security who may, in turn, report the crime to the appropriate municipal authorities.

In the event of a serious crime or incident on campus that poses a danger to students, crime watch notices may be posted around the campus and appropriate notices sent through electronic and other means. All members of our community are encouraged to review such information so that steps can be taken to minimize their exposure to risks.

The entire community can help keep campus crime to a minimum. For safety reasons, all street facing doors are kept locked. Do not prop open any locked door, do not allow others to follow you into a locked building, and do not give your key to friends.

Report suspicious persons to Campus Security to ensure the safety of all members of the NewSchool community.

To learn more about campus statistics and safety, please refer to the Student Handbook and the:

2023 NewSchool Annual Security Report

Contact Campus Security

Critical Emergency? Please dial 911

Please call a campus security to request an escort at any time.

Campus Security
(619) 836-9068

Non-Emergency Line at the San Diego Police Department
(619) 531-2000

Remember to include all pertinent information including your name, location, time, purpose of the call, and contact number.