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Bachelor of Arts in Product Design

Innovation Through Design

NewSchool’s Product Design curriculum weaves together the design of tangible and digital products and experiences. We are committed to molding designers who prioritize the nexus between technology and human needs, equipping them to rise swiftly to top design roles in the industry. Our graduates are testament to this, having rapidly ascended to prominent design positions, reflecting the value we place on a user-centric approach—an approach so compelling that it draws many engineering students to transition into our product design family. Join us for an education that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering strategic and creative thinking for an expansive design scope, grounded in hands-on learning and sustainable, socially-responsible practices.

Program Highlights


On Campus




180 Hours



*Within 6 months of graduation (2022)

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design prepares you for the following positions:

  • Industrial Designer
  • Product Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Color and Material Designer
  • Consumer Product Designer
  • Design Researcher
  • Entrepreneur
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Furniture and Lighting Designer

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Product Design program will be prepared to:

PLO 1Critical Thinking: Demonstrate critical thinking in identifying, analyzing, and framing design opportunities and creative problem solving in order to distill one solution from the multiple possibilities generated.
PLO 2Human Centered: Cultural Awareness
Analyze and understand the complexity of design problems via appropriate research methodologies, including observational, psychographic, and ethnographic data.
PLO 3Communication: Effectively communicate design solutions both visually and through client-centric presentations.
PLO 4Technical Skills & Professional Knowledge: Demonstrate a good understanding of current and upcoming technologies and processes and the impact they can have in the development of design solutions through prototyping, prioritization, and design iterations.
PLO 5Professionalism: Demonstrate professionalism, a good understanding of a cross-disciplinary design approach, strong client communication skills through critical thinking, self-evaluation, collaboration, and teamwork within the production pipeline.

Student Work