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McKenna Leventhal

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Published on:

November 14, 2023

McKenna Leventhal

Hometown: Orange County, California

Why did you choose to study interior architecture & design?

I chose this area of study because of the creativity, uniqueness, and diversity of the degree. This area of study allows me to explore so many different concepts in the field of architecture. Interior architecture is allowing me to express my creativity and technical skills in a different way than architecture and interior design.

What makes earning a degree at NewSchool special?

NewSchool gives students every possibility to succeed. The small community of NewSchool is tailored to every student’s exact design needs and allows for a very hands-on and educational learning experience.

What has been your favorite thing about attending NewSchool?

NewSchool is full of amazing students, professors, and staff. Everyone at NewSchool gives 100% to make sure your success is a top priority. NewSchools location in the heart of downtown San Diego has also been one of my favorite things about attending the school.

What are your career goals after you graduate?

After graduation, I plan on doing more international traveling and working in a commercial architecture firm to design interiors for restaurants and hospitality. I want to keep all possibilities open and continue my education.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

People would be surprised to learn that before interior architecture I wanted to study archaeology! I also love to cook and plan on helping develop menus for the restaurants I design.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

I think every student coming to NewSchool should keep an open mind and accept all the help they can get. Also take a minor! I was able to receive a Construction management minor and it has expanded my job possibility and education.

Why should a prospective student choose NewSchool?

NewSchool helps students in every way possible to succeed. My education thus far has been the best I’ve received. NewSchool also gives students very practical and real-world assignments to apply to their portfolios.

McKenna’s Favorite Class Project
The Wisteria | Third Year Interior Architecture & Design Project
Instructors: Denise Homme, Amin Espandiari


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