We Are NewSchool

Our Philosophy

Rooted in Design Thinking, we focus on preparation for practice and project-based learning

Our Mission

To nurture and inspire design-minded students

Our Schools

Architecture & Construction Management, School of Design: Product Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Graphic Design & Interactive Media

Here for Good. By Design.

Located in the design district of Downtown San Diego, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, a globally recognized and awarded design university, is known for its forward-thinking professors, an inspiring campus community and top industry connections and collaboration opportunities. NewSchool students are innovative designers who are passionate about pursuing exciting careers in the fields of Design, Architecture and Digital Arts. From the first day of class, students explore and break through creative boundaries, while hands-on experiences provide the foundation and tools necessary to grow and succeed as a designer.


NewSchool is a member of the Laureate International Universities network – a global network of more than 70 campus-based and online universities in 25 countries. Through this network, students at NewSchool are prepared to work in a global and diverse work environment. NewSchool is able to provide students with direct access and exposure to top creative talent and industry leaders from around the globe.

Students participate in and experience a truly global classroom environment with unique study abroad programs, a diverse international student body, cross-location collaborations, flexible online learning, and world-renowned guest lecturers.

NewSchool’s student body is rich in diversity. In 2015, more than 100 international students from 26 countries joined the NewSchool Community, including students from: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Italy, Kuwait, Chile, Spain, Peru, India, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, Japan, Iceland, Iraq, South Africa, Venezuela, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Libya and Romania.