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Two NewSchool Alumni Companies Honored at 39th Annual Orchids & Onions Event

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October 19, 2015


Two NewSchool Alumni Companies Honored at 39th Annual Orchids & Onions Event

Of the 17 awards given to companies and professionals recognized at the 39th annual Orchids & Onions event in San Diego, three awards went to NewSchool of Architecture & Design alumni for their architecture design and innovation. NewSchool alumni specifically took home an Orchid for Architecture, Orchid for Interior Design and an Orchid for the Miscellaneous category.

Orchids & Onions is an annual fundraising program of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, which aims to educate the public on what makes good architecture, planning, landscapes, graphics and interiors. The event also raises awareness and practical discourse about the environment in order to effect positive change and more thoughtful design.

Orchid for Architecture

Kettner Exchange (NewSchool alumni from the San Diego firm Tecture):

As reported in the San Diego Union Tribune, the judges said: “Kettner Exchange appears like a box of light, illuminating the night and inviting passerby to come inside for a further look. The jury was impressed that the designer kept the original structure intact, yet included a series of intriguing and fresh design elements.” Tecture collaborated with Bluemotif Architecture on this project.

Orchid for Interior Design

Patio on Goldfinch (NewSchool alumni from the San Diego firm Tecture):

“The designers took an eyesore and transformed it into something that has been wholeheartedly embraced by the community.”

Orchid for the Miscellaneous Category

Quartyard (NewSchool alumni from the San Diego firm RAD Lab):

“The jury felt this was another example of a project that created great spaces out of garbage places. It is a true community gathering space and offers something for everyone. It has successfully activated and utilized open space and creates a wonderful gathering place for residents and visitors alike.”