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Published on:

November 14, 2023

Sequoiah Nelson

Hometown: Marin County, California

Why did you choose to study interior architecture & design?

I chose to study Interior Architecture and Design because I wanted to make an influence on people’s everyday lives. Since I was a child I have always been interested in architecture and interior design. I want to create spaces that influence the way people feel and create an experience for each person in that space.

What makes earning a degree at NewSchool special?

I think that earning a bachelor’s degree from NewSchool will be a wonderful accomplishment. Not only do you learn from amazing faculty and staff but you gain so many experiences and connections from NewSchool itself.

What has been your favorite thing about attending NewSchool?

My favorite thing about NewSchool is the environment and sense of community that we have here. There is always help when you need it from faculty, staff, and fellow students.

What are your career goals after you graduate?

My career goals after I graduate are to move to Washington or the East Coast and join an interior design firm. I would also like to eventually start my own interior design business or firm.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Most people are surprised when they learn that I was born in Japan. Many people are also surprised when I tell them I’ve wanted to be in the interior architecture and design field since I was 12.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

My best piece of advice for incoming students is that they should remember to take breaks, go out and do enjoyable things with their friends, and get involved with student life. There are so many fun and exciting things for students to do inside and outside of campus that can also inspire creativity around them.

Sequoiah’s Favorite Class Project

White Hart Winery | Second Year Interior Architecture & Design

Instructor: Denise Homme

The winery project was a project that ID 202 Interior Architecture and Design Studio worked on in Winter 2020. The project goal was to create a comfortable winery space for both customers and workers that fit in the desired constraints that the client gave to the designers. The White Hart Winery is located just outside of Dublin, Ireland its design infuses a traditional Irish pub house design with that of the wine grape. The winery has Irish stone tile on the floor, traditional wood furniture, as well as a green, black and white color scheme. Around the space, you can see Irish accents in the bar, wine tasting room, small shop, and in the shared bathroom. The White Hart Winey is a wonderful space to sit down with friends and family while drinking wine in traditional Irish culture.


Sofia Medina