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Frida Moreno

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Published on:

November 14, 2023

Frida Moreno

Hometown: San Luis Río Colorado, México

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I believe that international women’s day is a day to celebrate, empower, and raise the visibility of women’s achievements throughout history and the present. It’s a day to discuss where we’ve been and where we want to go.

What woman inspires you and why?

All of the women I know in my day-to-day life positively inspire me in many different aspects, especially my mother, my greatest role model. A person that I also look up to related to the design field is Neri Oxman because she is innovating design through the power of science.

Why did you choose to study design?

I’ve always enjoyed listening to people’s stories. Product design is a profession that allows me to be a listener but also a problem solver. Learning about the relationship and interaction between humans and a product, looking for answers, and resolving the users’ needs allows me to experience and realize so much more in life. To me, Product design is a truly fulfilling career and the reason I chose it.

Why should women and girls pursue an education in the architecture, design, or construction management industry? Why is it important to encourage women and girls?

I believe it is essential to encourage young girls to pursue an education in design. More importantly, motivating more women to pursue leadership positions in design is something I think to be necessary. It would allow the younger generations to seize better and equal opportunities in the industry. Encouraging and empowering younger girls will lead to a bright future full of brilliant and inspiring female leaders.

What’s something interesting you’re currently working on? Personal or academic.

I’m currently working on a fun and thought-provoking design project addressing the Pink Tax. I’m also collaborating with a design Lab located in Shanghai, China, tackling the topic of affective and emotional design.

What do you think is the biggest issue today facing women of your age?

I think women of my age today face so many challenges. The issues are extensive in every aspect of their lives. Whether it be to do with access to education, health rights, employment opportunities, gender equality, the list is endless. I believe no issue is smaller than the other.

What has you most excited about the future?

I’m excited to see how society, technology, and science will evolve to address the pending issues we are witnessing today.

On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to young women thinking about their education?

My message to young women is to never give up on their education. Education is a tool that gives confidence, character and opens possibilities for a better future.