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How to Become a Construction Manager?

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Published on:

June 25, 2015


How to Become a Construction Manager?

Generally speaking, Construction Managers have a relevant four-year bachelor’s degree and have practical experience in the construction industry; however, like most jobs, there are some exceptions for those with a large amount of construction work experience. Many who do not attain a four-year college degree and only have a high school diploma may be better qualified as a general contractor or subcontractor rather than a construction manager. A Master’s in Construction Management may also allow you to work in a multitude of different growing fields. Relevant undergraduate Construction Degrees include:

  • Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Construction Science

Certifications are not required for Construction Managers; however, a certified construction manager can be highly valuable as it displays technical abilities and hands-on construction experience.

How Students Are Making the Transition Into Management Positions

Like many industries affected by advances in technology, the construction industry is constantly changing. Taking on the role of a construction manager for a building project or other construction activities requires a breadth of knowledge and the fluid communication skills needed to coordinate international projects around the world.

Enter NewSchool’s online Master of Construction Management program. The master’s degree program is designed to help students build up the leadership and project management skills needed to become a successful construction manager the program is giving students the education needed to make the transition into middle and upper-level managerial roles.

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A Changing Industry

Within the last ten years, many construction specialists working in mid-level employment roles left the industry due to changes in the economic landscape. Now that the industry is bouncing back there is high demand for well-educated managers to fill the void as those in upper management positions continue to retire.

Potential Earnings

Investing in a well-respected masters program can pay off big time for students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for construction managers in 2012 was $82,790 per year. With a healthy growth rate of 16% expected between now and 2022 students are typically able to find jobs upon completing the program.?

A unique aspect of NewSchool’s program is the flexibility that online coursework offers students who are currently working full-time within the construction industry. This way, students around the world are able to keep up with a rigorous coursework schedule learning building codes and safety violations, construction methods, construction engineering and more at their own pace. This benefits both students and their employers, who are thrilled to see them expanding their skill set but simply cannot afford to lose them for a year. Most students are able to complete the construction project management program within one year.

Inspiring and Educating

George Welch, chair of the program, explains that the faculty and staff work closely with students to help arm them with the skill set they need to be the leaders of the future. They place a large emphasis on teaching students the different elements of the managerial process, which helps give students the skills and confidence needed to successfully manage teams across various sectors of the industry. The result: employers find that students are capable of broader critical thinking and decision-making and are promoting them to higher roles within the organization.

Department Chair Welch explains, “We teach concepts, processes and the knowledge that you need to use the tools of the future.” Having worked in architecture and construction for years Welch recognizes the opportunity for students to move up into managerial roles. That is why the program puts such a heavy focus on blending real-world experience with classroom lessons and theory.

Making a Change

Taking the step from working on a construction site or managing smaller projects to running an entire construction project is life changing. Many people working in the field have a strong background in the industry but lack the leadership skills of a construction project manager to run an entire construction project. Enrolling in a master’s program can advance one’s career to construction project manager and change the entire career path of many students who may have never dreamed of moving up to a top leadership position within their construction company or organization.

NewSchool is passionate about helping professionals build long-lasting careers. Our flexible online approach ensures that students do not have to put their full-time jobs on hold to get the education they deserve. Click here to learn more about the variety of different programs NewSchool offers, including our online master’s degree program for Construction Management and see which one matches your current skillset and career goals. Take the first step in becoming a construction manager by contacting us today.


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