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Evolution of Product Design in a Digital Age

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Published on:

December 13, 2021


Evolution of Product Design in a Digital Age

Evolution of Product Design in a Digital Age

It’s no secret that product design is a booming industry. With more and more people buying and using products, physical and digital, companies are looking for skilled designers to create beautiful and user-friendly experiences.

The scope of Product Design has evolved.

It’s not just about designing industrial products for manufacturing industries, anymore, but it is about designing complete experiences with elaborated systems, made of objects and information. As the world of products evolved into digital realms, there are many other industries that require design skills and innovative solutions.

“It wasn’t that long ago where we we lived in an almost exclusively physical environment, where we’re going longer term is where you start introducing hybridity, where there’s a very intimate relationship between digital technology and being a human being.”

– John Bandringa, Product Design Faculty, NewSchool of Architecture and Design

Diverge Electric Sportfishing Project by Product Design Student, Chad Skelton

The product design role is much more than drawing pretty pictures.

Designing a truly personalized experience involves customer insights, and increased understanding of technologies, collaborative processes and intelligent tools.

At the heart of design is envisioning solutions to improve people’s live, and problem solving.  The process of product design is about figuring out real people’s problems and then solving them for the best possible user experience. Countless hours and days are spent coming up with innovative designs and concepts.

 “I think there is an awakening in the U.S. in this field and a better understanding that ethical design is good business. Creating an experience that does not manipulate a user but actually enhances their well-being.”

-Tiziana d’Agostino, Experience Design Faculty, NewSchool of Architecture and Design

It’s clear that without special knowledge it can be very difficult executing a successful product; but these days there’s so much more than just essential; it combines user experience (UX) and customer research skills to create a broader position as technology pushes its boundaries enabling the expansion of design.

As companies grow, they will also evolve with technology; it’s essential to understand the role technology will play when it comes to product design. Product design is a role that will be needed in any size business, helping to bridge technological advances with human needs, to observe and understand how the wants and needs of the consumer develop over time, from the local to a global scale.

Designers are an integral part of the success behind every company’s product.

You can be as innovative as you want in the world of product design, working on anything from toothpaste to the next life-changing app, giving you an opportunity to make your ideas come alive. Visual and communication skills and being a team player are characteristics that become essential when applying for jobs in this field. Collaborating with other team members is a great skill to have because you will create and produce innovative items in a group environment.

A product designer can come from any walk of life. What are you passionate about? Do you like to come up with creative ways to solve a problem? Are you a team player? Do you like to brainstorm ideas with other people? A structured learning plan will help guide you and keep you on track. Could product design be right for you?

Choosing a major can be confusing; you are not alone in deciding if Product Design is right for you.

At NewSchool of Architecture and Design, our admissions team will assist you with this exciting career. We are always ready to answer any questions you might have about the enrollment process. Our curriculum combines art, science, and technology to create innovative products and services.

Our students in the product design program learn how to design products and build brand strategies through a solid interdisciplinary foundational year, intensive case studies, and projects collaborating with companies to gain real experience after graduation.

“Studying at NewSchool of Architecture and Design, you’ll be taught the skills needed to be a successful product designer, and you’ll learn from very successful designers in a number of fields with years of experience and first hand knowledge of what is required to be a successful designer.”

– Aaron Ryczek

Not only will you be able to design products that can improve people’s lives, but you also get the chance to work on teams and incorporate other modern technologies into your work. Let us help you become a product designer. We focus on global design education and entry-level practice for our students.

Product Design is expanding in ways that were never possible before, in addition to creating great products that ease the pains of everyday products, we now have a digital universe to accommodate with new innovative ideas.  Let NewSchool take you on your new adventure. Contact our admissions team today.