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Michael Arbib | From Frogs’ Brains to the Drawing of Buildings

NewSchool is pleased to announce a lecture by Dr. Michael Arbib. This event is free and open to all NewSchool students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the general public.

If you are not able to attend the lecture in person but would still like to participate, please register for the live stream here.

Neuroscience for Architecture Colloquium Series featuring Michael Arbib | From Frogs’ Brains to the Drawing of Buildings

Michael Arbib is a pioneer in the study of brain mechanisms linking vision to action and language, and in recent years has explored the implications of this work for the conversation between neuroscience and architecture. In this talk he traces a path from “What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Frog’s Brain” to the analysis of brain mechanisms serving the role of vision in the detailed control of action, in the perception of the current environment, and in language. Building on a “debate” held at Taliesin West between Pallasmaa’s The Thinking Hand and his own How the Brain Got Language, he proposes a new perspective on How the Brain Got Drawing and speculates on how the brain may link imagination to construction via sketching, whether by hand or on a computer.

May 19 @ 18:30
18:30 — 20:30 (2h)

NewSchool Auditorium

Dr. Michael Arbib