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Mission Valley Vision Plan

Mission Valley Vision Plan

Project Description

San Diego’s Regional Planning Agency (SANDAG) projects that the San Diego region will grow by 1,000,000 people over the next 20 -30 years and to accommodate this increase in population we will need 330,000 housing units and space for 500,000 new jobs. Most of the new housing will be in the form of multi-family housing. The new growth cannot continue to grow outward so most of this additional growth will be infill and redevelopment in currently developed areas. Mission Valley is an area that can begin to accommodate some of this additional growth. In Mission Valley, there are underdeveloped and underutilized parcels and vast areas of surface parking lots. But there are major traffic problems caused by isolated POD developments, too few through streets, and poor transit service. Movement by pedestrians is either dangerous or impossible because of the development patterns.

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