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Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein & Jason Grauten

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Published on:

November 1, 2023

Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein & Jason Grauten

Founders, RAD Lab Design Firm

RAD Lab Design Firm was founded by Master of Architecture alumni Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein and Jason Grauten. Within two years of forming the design firm, RAD Lab began making a name for themselves for creating hip, community-driven urban parks in downtown San Diego. Their 2014 Pocket Park won an Orchid from the San Diego Architectural Foundation in 2014 and their large-scale urban park, Quartyard, has quickly become a well-known venue in Downtown San Diego.

Philip, David, and Jason began the Quartyard project for their thesis and brought their vision to reality two years later. They sought to develop a quick and mobile way to revitalize vacant lots that traditionally stay vacant for several years while the land is in development.

Built out of storage containers, the project had a short construction period and was built in a way that could be easily relocated. RAD Lab worked with the City of San Diego and private sector advisors to transform the vacant lot into a vibrant and exciting community location. Quartyard demonstrates how positive changes can quickly and economically activate an empty lot into a thriving interactive urban park.

“We believe Quartyard can serve as a model for cities across the U.S. looking for unique economic development ideas,” said NewSchool alumnus and CEO of RAD Lab, Philip Auchettl. “It is a feasible way to temporarily re-invent empty spaces while improving quality of life for residents. We welcome the opportunity to talk to other cities about how this model can work for them.”

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