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Published on:

November 1, 2023

Larry Elkins

Hometown: Queen Creek, Arizona

In which branch of the military did you serve?

United States Marine Corps

Years of military service

4 years

Why did you choose NewSchool?

Small class sizes allow for 1-on-1 interaction with professors/instructors.

How did you apply your military experience to your education?

Attention to detail as well as dedication to push through college in order to go out and provide for my family.

What was your favorite thing about attending NewSchool?
The ability to work 1-on-1 with my professors/instructors to ensure I was able to learn the most I could and to work closely with other veterans at the school. Being a small school allowed for veterans like myself to get together more often in order to learn from each other and lean on each other in times of need.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

Upon graduation, I went straight to work in Arizona for Rosendin Electric, Inc. as an Assistant Project Manager. I am currently part of a large solar project that will be providing power to the people of Arizona.

What has been your biggest career accomplishment?

It is still early in my career, but I was placed in charge of handling the logistics for a 100 Meg. solar farm due to my drive and attention to detail. With 100s of thousands of pieces of material arriving on the site within 6 months, it is part of my job to ensure all the material is here on site when it is supposed to be.

How did your experience in the military and in college prepare you for your future?

My family deserves credit as well, but knowing when to listen and when to lead are important traits that can be utilized anywhere you go. The military gave me a sense of drive to push through the hardships that the future brings. College allowed me to sharpen the tools I had accumulated in my toolbox over the years in order to come out into the civilian sector ready to work and provide for not only my family but my country as well.

What would you like people to know about the life of a student veteran?

Life as a student veteran can be tough. There will be things you do not understand, things that will overwhelm you, and things that frustrate you. Just know that there are other veterans there with you to learn from and lean on. Never let go of the memories you made in the military, but don’t be afraid to make new ones in college. A veteran and I used to go down to a burger shack on Thursday just to talk and get through some hard times. If it wasn’t for him and other veterans like him, college would have been much harder for me. Learn from each other and lean on each other. They will be your new fire team.

What advice would you give to veterans who are thinking about pursuing a college education?

Think about what you want in life first. The GI Bill is a wonderful thing and should not be wasted, but it is best when you can commit to your goal and accomplish it.


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