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Brandi Rosso

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Published on:

November 15, 2023

Brandi Rosso

Hometown: Bakersfield, California

Why did you choose to study interior architecture & design?

My dream job since I was in the 4th grade was to be an Architect. Over the years, I gravitated more toward the interior side of architecture. I didn’t want to just create a beautiful building but I wanted to create the space that users lived and worked in. I wanted to create an experience.

What makes earning a degree at NewSchool special?

NewSchool is unlike any other large university because it is a smaller school and creates more of a personal and intimate learning experience.

What was your favorite thing about attending NewSchool?

The community of people I was surrounded by, everyone seemed like a familiar face and if you ever needed someone’s help or just another set of eyes to look at your project everyone was always willing to help out.

How did NewSchool help prepare you for your career?

The projects and programs we were taught were all on-trend and relevant to what was happening in our field. We were able to work alongside other architects and designers in the field and experience what the “real world” process was when designing.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

Since graduation, I have been employed at SMS Architects as a Designer. I have also been studying to take my NCIDQ exams.

What has been your biggest career accomplishment?

I think my biggest accomplishment has been the growth and knowledge I have experienced in such a short time working.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Have fun and don’t stress too much! This your time to be creative and just enjoy designing.

Why should a prospective student choose NewSchool?

NewSchool has a great reputation in the design industry. Also, with it being a smaller campus you have more one-on-one time with professors and are able to get more feedback on projects which helps you learn more than in a large group setting.


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