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NewSchool Students, Alumni, Faculty Nominated for 39th Annual Orchids & Onions Event

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Published on:

September 2, 2015


NewSchool Students, Alumni, Faculty Nominated for 39th Annual Orchids & Onions Event

NewSchool of Architecture & Design is pleased to announce that several of its students, alumni and faculty members have been nominated for the 39th annual Orchids & Onions awards:

Kettner Exchange (NewSchool alumni):

Park & Rec (Domus Academy School of Design at NewSchool contributing faculty member):

Patio on Goldfinch (NewSchool alumni):

Quartyard (NewSchool alumni):

STEAM Pavillion (NewSchool students):

Orchids & Onions is a fundraising program of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, which aims to educate the public on what makes good architecture, planning, landscapes, graphics and interiors. The event, which takes place at the San Diego Museum of Art on Thursday, Oct. 1, also raises awareness and practical discourse about the environment in order to effect positive change and more thoughtful design.

“NewSchool of Architecture & Design has been our biggest partner and supporter for this event for the past decade,” said Craig Howard, Vice President of the San Diego Architectural Foundation in an SDAF news release. “They’ve contributed to this program in so many ways. The vast majority of our large volunteer team is comprised of current NewSchool students, alumni, and faculty. We’re able to harness their wide range of creative and problem solving talent to bring Orchids & Onions to life every year and build something special at the awards ceremony. There’s absolutely no way we can pull off the vision we have for this program without NewSchool’s involvement.”

The San Diego community has an opportunity to nominate and vote for the best and worst designs.

The public can vote in the People’s Choice Orchid & Onion as part of the program. To learn more and to vote, visit