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Dario Miticocchio

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Published on:

November 6, 2023

Dario Miticocchio


  • Master of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Milano

About Dario

Originally trained as an architect, Dario Miticocchio likes to call himself a “Design Nomad”, always exploring new facets of the discipline, and has exercised this peculiar angle on design by working in many different professional environments. The restless curiosity that has fueled this journey has taken him across projects that involved architecture, apparel, interiors, services, products, and graphics, with incursions into marketing and ethnographies. He learned the ropes of creating remarkable designs from masters like Makio Hasuike, Stefano GIovannoni, and Guido Venturini, and has continued to deliver iconic and award-winning designs in the very different environment of Corporate America.

He joined NewSchool because the stimulating academic environment is perfect to keep his pursuit going, and is excited about helping establish the new design programs. To make sure he doesn’t lose touch with the professional world he stays engaged in real life projects as a consultant.