Daniela Deutsch

Daniela Deutsch represents the global perspective that NewSchool hopes to bring to all of its programs. Educated in Darmstadt, Germany, Daniela is multi-lingual, and both her architecture and teaching careers have flourished in both Germany and the U.S. Daniela has worked as a designer, held exhibitions in Germany and San Diego, and conducted research on a scientific approach to design strategies.

In the U.S., Daniela has worked with Westfield, LLC Design, Carrier Johnson + Culture, and Balinger AE. She is a principal with Exitecture Archlab, Inc. in Germany. Her teaching experience is as diverse as her professional efforts.

Daniela has had a successful teaching career in both Germany and at multiple universities in the United States, including an online studio at Boston Architectural College. At NewSchool, Daniela currently serves as 4th-year level coordinator, spearheading the academic part of an ambitious integrated and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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