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Lecture Series | Jeff Svitak

Experienced Architecture

Jeff Svitak Inc. is an all-inclusive studio focusing primarily on architectural design, while simultaneously integrating both real estate development and construction management into its practice. The studio prides itself on creating unique and inspired human environments that engage with the senses of the user. While each project has it’s own individual inspiration and concept, Svitak believes heavily in the role of spatial organization and its influence on human emotions. By intimately studying this relationship, Jeff Svitak Inc. looks to enhance the emotional quality of its buildings inhabitants; thoughtfully integrating aspects of privacy and intimacy within the interior environment, connecting exterior living spaces, and inviting an overall sense of community through crafted and welcoming public and circulatory spaces.

In its 6 years of existence, Jeff Svitak Inc. has successfully designed, developed, and constructed an 18-unit multi-family building in Little Italy, San Diego, a custom home and studio in North Park, San Diego, and a 15 unit mixed-use building also in North Park. By controlling the development of each of its project, the office has been able to experiment and push the emphasis on the architectural design, which has opened the doors to international recognition.

In addition to the developments, the office has completed full design work for several other mixed-use multi-family buildings, custom homes, and cultural spaces, and actively pursues new client based projects both locally and abroad. The experience and passion behind the work have exposed Jeff Svitak Inc. to be portrayed amongst the most influential creators in San Diego and beyond.

May 8 @ 19:00
19:00 — 20:30 (1h 30′)

NewSchool Auditorium