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DesignMind: Why You Should Visit NewSchool in Person or Virtually

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August 3, 2016


DesignMind: Why You Should Visit NewSchool in Person or Virtually

Why You Should Visit NewSchool in Person or Virtually

We have an Open House Aug. 5 and a new self-guided virtual tour you can take in English, Spanish, or Arabic.

Whether you’re looking to get your masters in construction management or degree in architecture, there are many factors that contribute to your decision about which school to attend: program selection, faculty expertise, internship options, accreditation, cost, location. I remember them well from when my daughter was choosing a college (even though that was more than a decade ago), and they are front of mind for me when I talk with prospective students and their families.

Once you’ve sorted through those considerations, you need to visit the school. You need to touch it. You need to see if it feels right to you. You have to find the place that suits your personality. When I was visiting colleges with my daughter, I would turn her loose and stay in the background. I gave her the same advice that I give to all students thinking about studying architecture: In the studio, when the lights are out except for the one over your drafting table and everybody else is gone and you’re having a hard time solving your problem, that’s the moment in time when you have to say “I chose this school.”

Our Open House on August 5 is a perfect chance to experience NewSchool that way. You’ll get an interactive tour. You’ll visit the studio space and materials lab. You’ll speak with students about their experiences and see the work they’ve created. And you’ll get great advice about where to live and how to afford school.

You can also visit NewSchool for a personal tour, but we know that’s not possible for everyone—especially our international students. That’s why we recently created a virtual tour that combines 360-degree views, photos, videos, and narration from our online tour guides in English, Spanish, or Arabic. You can’t get any closer to NewSchool without actually being here. I wish other schools had this option when my daughter and I were driving across country visiting colleges.