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Daniela Deutsch named Head of Architecture Programs at NewSchool

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Published on:

February 16, 2021


Daniela Deutsch named Head of Architecture Programs at NewSchool

We are pleased to announce that Daniela Deutsch has been named Head of Architecture Programs at NewSchool.

Daniela has made an impact on a global level within the field of Architecture. She co-founded award-winning Exitecture Architekten, an Architecture firm in Frankfurt, Germany. Daniela is also Principal of Exitecture ArchLab Inc. in San Diego, California. She has also worked as a Project Designer with Schneider and Schumacher in Frankfurt, Germany, and with Westfield Design, Carrier Johnson + Culture, and Ballinger AE in the U.S.

In addition to her impressive Architecture career, Daniela also brings significant teaching experience. She has served as a NewSchool Professor since 2010. Daniela is also NewSchool’s 4th-year level coordinator, where she has led the Integrated Design Studio for the past eight years and coordinated the Environmental Systems Sequence in the Undergraduate Architecture Program. Daniela has also taught at the Woodbury University School of Architecture, San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, University of San Diego, and the Boston Architectural School.

Daniela is a member of San Diego Green Building Council’s board of directors, and she serves as a peer reviewer for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA).

Daniela is a graduate of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, where she received both a Bachelor and a Master of Architecture Degree. 

Daniela explains her vision: “In the role of the Head of the Architecture Department at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design, I want to strike a balance between teaching, research, and practice, so that our students and faculty can function effectively within all three areas. I also would like students to realize that even though technical skills are important in this field, there are other aspects that they need to keep in mind, from representation, conceptual tools to historical and cultural, as well as social and economic aspects. I want them to develop critical thinking skills to understand the key issues within the world of architecture and have informed positions. My greatest hope for our students is that they will become confident designers and big thinkers who work optimistically, provocatively, and creatively.”