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Alpha Rho Chi Chapter

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Published on:

November 6, 2023

Alpha Rho Chi Chapter

Alpha Rho Chi Chapter

Alpha Rho Chi is a professional co-educational college fraternity for students studying architecture and related professions. The fraternity’s name is derived from the first three letters of the Greek word for “architecture” — alpha (A), rho (P) and chi (X). Alpha Rho Chi was founded on April 11, 1914, when students at the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois joined to form a national organization for Architecture and the allied arts.


In the Summer of 2012, a petition was submitted to start a chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at NewSchool. While in Colony status, the group was required to complete a philanthropic event, a professional event, draft by-laws and incorporate with the state of California. The Numisius chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at NewSchool was installed on May 3, 2014.

Alpha Rho Chi participates in campus events and volunteers in the community with organizations such as Art San Diego, Maker’s Quarter and Boy Scouts of America Badge Clinics. You can also identify members on campus by their Azure and Sanguine pyramid pins.