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Stones by Tecture

Stones by Tecture

Project Description

The installation “Stones” by Tecture, features the work of Master of Architecture alumni Kyle Preish, Slade Fischer, David Michael Ortiz, Sydney Preish, and Ryan Carpenter and Bachelor of Architecture alum Anthony Mull. “Stones” is a visual representation of the multitude of construction methods students are exposed to throughout their education at NewSchool. The project, “The 3 Bears,” is an exploration of fabrication processes. Each of the stones is constructed from the same material, in this instance, plywood, with the same form and using a variety of construction methods.

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Stones by Tecture

Modeled after the famous Goldilocks fable, two of the three stones aren’t entirely visually pleasing, while the final is “just right.”

The first stone is the most raw and rough, and was created using analog sculpting methods and a chainsaw, resulting in a design that is “too analog.”

The second stone is vertically striated and was constructed entirely digitally, skewing “too digital.”

The progression of the installation naturally lands on the third and final stone, which is intended to be visually “just right.” This third stone incorporates both digital CNC processes and analog finishing techniques, leading to a final product that marries the best of both techniques.

NewSchool is always on the lookout for compelling alumni work to display. Our alumni serve as great inspiration for our current students to push the boundaries in their processes and see the possibilities that await them upon graduation. Alumni interested in submitting work for display are encouraged to contact Lisa Ganem, Director of Career Services & Alumni Relations at