Alumni Mentorship Program

When NewSchool alumni look back on their time in school, many say that one of the most beneficial aspects of their education was the opportunity to work with practicing professionals. Recognizing the importance of continuing to cultivate such relationships, the NewSchool Alumni Advisory Board has created the Alumni Mentorship Program. Through this program, alumni can interact with current students, share their unique professional perspectives, and students will have the opportunity to graduate with powerful professional networking experience.

The program abides by both Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ NCARB standards. It requires communication between alumni and students — whether via email, on the phone, or via Skype —at least once a month and in-person meetings at least once a quarter. Several organized events and mixers are scheduled throughout the school year specially catered to the program’s participants.

Why should both students and alumni consider investing their time in such a program? Because it will give faculty members, students, and alumni the opportunity to stay connected, expand their network, and connect to the industry in a unique way.

We hope this program can offer a unique perspective and relationship to current NewSchool students, one not readily available through school or family, while also offering our alumni a convenient avenue to stay connected.

To learn more about the Alumni Mentorship Program, including how to volunteer to serve as a mentor, click here or email