Course Sequence

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design degree program at NewSchool of Architecture and Design prepares students for entry-level professional interior design practice.

Program Highlights:

  • Total Credits:180 quarter credits
  • Typical Program Length: 4 years (fulltime)

Program Outline:

  • Required professional courses: 121 credits
  • General Education: 54 credits
  • Professional Electives: 5 credits

Required Professional Courses:

Studio Sequence:

  • DES101: Foundations Studio I
  • DES102: Foundations Studio II
  • DES103: Foundations Studio III
  • DES111: Design Studio I
  • DES112: Design Studio II
  • DES113: Design Studio III
  • ID201: Interior Design Studio I
  • ID202: Interior Design Studio II
  • ID203: Interior Design Studio III
  • ID304: Interior Design Studio IV
  • ID305: Interior Design Studio V
  • ID306: Interior Design Studio VI
  • ID407: Interior Design Studio VII
  • ID408: Interior Design Studio VIII
  • ID409: Interior Design Studio IX

Interior Design Technology:

  • AR231: Environmental Systems I
  • ID211: Building Systems and Structures
  • ID221: CAD for Interiors

Interior Design Knowledge:

  • AR163: Architectural Studies III
  • AR331: Environmental Psychology
  • ID212: History of Interiors
  • ID213: Lighting Design
  • ID214: Resources and Materials for ID
  • ID311: Codes for ID
  • ID312: ID Professional Practice
  • ID313: Internship
  • ID314: Research: ID Methods, Materials, and Technology
  • ID315: History of Design
  • ID316: Furniture Design

Professional Electives:

Undergraduate Professional Electives (5 credits total)

Required General Education Courses:

  • ART160: Contemporary Art
  • PHL161: Introduction to Philosophy
  • ENG111: English Composition
  • ENG112: Advanced Composition
  • COM113: Speech Communication
  • RSH481: Introduction to Research
  • RSH582: Research and Communication
  • RSH583: Research Methods
  • SCI173: Environmental Biology
  • SCI Physical Science (to be selected from Gen Ed courses)
  • PSY181: General Psychology
  • SOC281: Intro to Sociology
  • BUS282: Principles of Management

General Education Electives:
To be selected from General Education courses (15 credits total)