BA in Architecture

If you are interested in a career in architecture and design with a goal of accelerating the time to graduation and career entry, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program provides a convenient pathway to your goals.

BA in Architecture

The BA in Architecture degree is designed to allow career-focused students to enter the architecture workforce as quickly as possible or to continue with their education by earning a Master of Architecture, First Professional degree. Our BA in Architecture degree is an academically rigorous 4 year program. With a wide range of different roles and aspects of the building process, this program can open the doors to many academic options and prepare you for a variety of architecture and design-related career options.

Career Opportunities

Our Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree program can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Design Project Manager
  • Drafter
  • Project Designer
  • Project Management
  • Schematic Drafting
  • Project Coordinator
  • Model Maker

Pathway to Architecture Licensure

NewSchool is proud to announce that we are one of only 14 initial schools in the nation that have been accepted by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) to participate in the Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL). This initiative provides students an opportunity to complete architectural license requirements while earning their graduate architecture degree, therefore significantly reducing time to launch their careers as licensed architects.

Upon completing the BA in Architecture degree, students can choose to continue their education and pursue architecture licensure by enrolling in the Integrated Path to Architecture Licensure (IPAL) program. This rigorous architecture education program combines all requirements for architectural licensure, including Architectural Experience Program (AXP) hours and the Architectural Registration Examination (ARE). Students with an undergraduate degree in architecture, such as BA in Architecture, can apply for the IPAL program’s three-year track, IPAL3. NewSchool is currently accepting applications for the program.

Program Features

With a curriculum focused on familiarizing you in the innovations, products, and forms of building, this program equips you to meet the professional challenges of many emerging architectural endeavors. If you’ve always wanted to understand the foundation of design from a technical and aesthetic perspective, NewSchool’s Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program is ideal for you. This program provides the foundation for your academic and professional future. While earning your degree, you will be immersed in a collaborative and dynamic learning experience.

  • Program Course Sequence: Beginning with core curriculum and exposing you to design studio lessons, the sequence of your Bachelor of Arts in Architecture courses instills hands-on experience as well as an industry-specific skill set.
  • Program Data: Explore program costs, types of occupations, completion rates, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

When you complete this rigorous hands-on program that nurtures artistic passion and demands excellence, you’ll be prepared to enter a Master of Architecture degree program or pursue other professional degrees. Find out how to apply.

Prepare for a graduate level program by gaining knowledge, skills, and practical know-how from the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program at NewSchool of Architecture and Design. The program* typically requires four years of full-time study to achieve 191 required credits.

Note on Licensure and Accreditation: Please note that the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) does not recognize and/or accredit Bachelors of Arts degrees or second professional degrees.

​Learn more about our Accelerated BA in Architecture Degree.