STEAM Pavilion | Student Work

The pavilion was built by architecture students Freddy Bravo, John Colwart, Marika-Anne De Ocampo, Aipeng Fang, Travis Garcia, Guy Hartwig, Emilio Ingrasci, Heiarii Li Cheng, Guillermo Menjivar, Madison Parsons, Anthony Rodriguez, Andrew Schiffer, Yangyi Situ, Justin Soderlund, Tobey Toney and Salvador Vicente – under the direction of architecture faculty Ramiro Losada-Amor and Victor Navarro, and with design and construction assistance of Alberto García.

In 2015, the STEAM pavilion was nominated for the annual architecture design award “Orchids and Onions.” And in 2016, the design received an A+ Awards Special Mention from Architizer.

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