Sweet Port Village

On December 9, 2016, NewSchool of Architecture & Design Student Council hosted a holiday party with food, festivities, and fun - and a chance to participate in the gingerbread design competition. The holiday event brought together architecture, design, and construction management students, as they competed in groups to recreate a holiday version of San Diego’s iconic Seaport Village, renamed as “Sweet Port Village” at this fun student event. Students created teams and built replicas of the Seaport Village buildings, only instead of their usual materials as an architecture student, they created a holiday version with gingerbread houses and edible materials.

“Our students are continually surprising with their creativity, ingenuity, and leadership,” said President Marvin J. Malecha. “At NewSchool, we encourage our students to think outside-of-the-box and we strive to provide the building blocks for innovation in learning. The idea for creating this holiday village, and encouraging teamwork among the students, came from the students themselves, and I am proud of them for accomplishing such a beautiful display.”