Assistant Professor, School of Design

Jorge Ozorno | (619) 861-2726


  • Master of Architecture, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad Iberoamericana

About Jorge

Jorge Ozorno has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture and is pursuing his Ph.D. at ‘TUDelft’ in The Netherlands. Most recently, he completed an online Stanford University course on creativity.

Professor Ozorno was Dean of the School of Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana at the Baja California campus. Throughout his academic career, he has coordinated and participated in exchange programs with Miami-Dade University, ‘TUDelft’, The Netherlands, Texas A&M, the Technological Institute of Monterrey, and Universidad del Valle de Mexico, a Laureate affiliate.

He has taught design studios, theory, and history for almost 30 years in Mexico and the United States, and is currently Assistant Professor, International Network Champion, and Fellow Program researcher at NewSchool. As the International Network Champion, he has visited several countries promoting NewSchool through lectures and Critical Design Workshops.

Professor Ozorno has attended conferences, symposia, and educational programs on Architecture in México, the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and has been a lecturer and guest juror at UCSD, San Diego State University, and University of San Diego. His dual nationality has given him the binational perspective of International Trans-frontier Metropolis.

Professor Ozorno has been obsessed with facilitating the theoretical aspects of the architectural discipline. He has urged students to develop theoretical frames of reference to help them understand the world as it is constantly changing in the digital era. His practice includes several built projects in the modes of Architect-Developer, Urbanist, Interior Designer, Temporary Architecture, and Temporary Micro-Urban Proposals in Mexico, and San Diego. He has won the design competition of the Central Plaza in Queretaro, Mexico -UNESCO historical site- and won a design installation at Lisbon’s, Portugal World Expo. His design work has given him valuable in-field experience to be shared as a benefit to his students.

His professional practice in his firms “Urbitecture,” and “Jorge Ozorno ‘TAX Design Studio,” date back to 2003. As an Architect-Developer in San Diego, his work understands the current real estate market and he is concerned with sustainable practice. His project “Casa Romero,” AIA Merit Award chapter San Diego 2015, has been published in several magazines.

As an Informal Artist, his Photo-Collage work has been presented in Mexico, the United States, and Europe. He is also involved in the production of short films, he submitted his short film, “The Urban Farmer,” at the Cannes Film Festival in France. He has published several articles on the subject of architecture in Mexico and the United States, in addition to being interviewed by local media in San Diego and Mexico. He began his studies at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City, and is an avid traveler, having been to more than eighty countries across the world.

Current Projects

  • Conceptual Designer, Architect as Developer, Jorge Ozornbo TAX Studio
  • Fellow Program Researcher at NewSchool
  • Thesis Instructor, NewSchool School of Design


Merit Award AIA, Chapter San Diego 2015


  • International Associate, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Chapter San Diego
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