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Architecture, Design & Construction Management

Project Spotlights:

GradShow is an exhibition showcasing thesis projects and final portfolios from our graduating classes.

National City Revitalization More than 70 undergraduate architecture students will collaborate with a variety of municipal and industry partners to create a vision and strategies for the development of a new, sustainable urban neighborhood in downtown National City.

Sukkot Project A group of 14 student architects, under the direction of Professor Chuck Crawford, collaborated to build a sukkah - a temporary dwelling built to celebrate Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival.

Nepal Studio NewSchool architecture faculty member Joseph Kennedy who specializes in sustainable building, ecological design, and community development wanted to help and recognized an important opportunity to collaborate with his students to help solve this humanitarian crisis.

Yantalo, Peru The Yantalo World Health Center is one of the longest running projects for the NewSchool’s office practice studio class. Over the past ten years over 100 NewSchool students have helped design community buildings for the village of Yantalo, Peru including a hospital recognized by the United Nations World Health Center.

Gateway San Diego A conceptualization and design study done for the benefit of the Mayor’s Airport Ad Hoc Committee in considering expansion scenarios at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. The proposal won an “Orchid” award in the annual city-wide Orchids & Onions public design competition.