School of Design


School of Design

Learning by designing

We are a living, urban laboratory that combines world-renowned Italian design methodology with the innovative style of California creativity. Design evolves with the evolution of society and economy and it is an ever changing profession due to today’s technology and innovation. What will exist tomorrow, didnt exist today - and therefore, we dont know what you’ll be designing for when you graduate. In order to prepare you for tomorrow’s design career, we have built a unique program that provides opportunities to build skill sets across all sectors, environments and industries.

The school centers around a “learning by designing” methodology, in which students solve real-life design problems with the help of world-class faculty members who are design leaders in their fields. We challenge our students by working on these real world projects in different fields and different complexities. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most exciting brands in design, such as Swenyo, Sound United and Nissan. Working directly with companies, students learn how to address the most contemporary design challenges in fresh and original ways.

Students at the School of Design at NewSchool make the connections that accelerate their careers, gain inspiration from collaborative projects, and develop their skills and talents in a self-directed way. Whether students wish to launch their design careers at an agency or found their own design studio, NewSchool prepares them to become leaders within all facets of the design industries globally.

Faculty excellence

At NewSchool, you’ll work side-by-side with international designers and thought leaders who bring the pulse of the design world into the classroom and impart their knowledge of the latest design trends and practices. Our international faculty are experts in their fields. In a furniture design course, you’ll learn from a furniture design expert. During a healthcare facility design project, you’ll work with designers who design healthcare facilities and can therefore provide you the professional insights specific to that design field.

Multidisciplinary approach

Many of the most innovative design solutions are created through the collaboration of various design tools, competencies, and perspectives. Students across disciplines share points of view on design and learn to combine these ideas in their own fresh expressions.

Design School Degree Programs

Whether you are a high school student seeking to explore your passion or a practicing designer seeking to enhance your experience with a design degree, the practitioner-oriented curriculum at NewSchool will teach you the skills you need. Our integrated Interior Architecture & Design, Product Design, Design Studies and our Global Design Degree programs focus on sustainable measures, interdisciplinary practices, and socially responsible design theories.

​Learn more about our new Global Design Degrees in collaboration with Domus Academy, Italy.