Minor in Construction Management

Minor in Construction Management

Students enrolled in undergraduate architecture programs at NewSchool may choose a minor in Construction Management to complement their degree. Courses are offered sequentially during fall, winter and spring terms. While this course of study focuses on implementation within construction field, the knowledge, concepts and process are transferable to managing all types of projects. Students interested in pursuing a minor in Construction Management must seek approval from their Academic Advisor and Department Chair.

A minor degree will be awarded to a NewSchool student who completes their major course of study successfully, and chooses to focus a minimum of 22 credits of their elective or additional work in a predefined series of courses. A minor degree will be reflected on both the student’s transcript and diploma.


The minor is a total of 22 credit hours taken among the classes below:

  • CM153 Introduction to Construction Management and Team Building (Credits: 3)
  • CM201 Construction Graphics and Contract Documents (Credits: 5)
  • CM202 Construction – Estimating (Credits: 5)
  • CM306 Fundamentals of Construction – Scheduling (Credits: 5)
  • CM352 Construction Finance and Accounting (Credits: 4)

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