The undergraduate architecture curriculum is organized into multiple divisions and learning experiences: The first year introduces students to the foundational elements of architectural design and integrative studies. The second, third, and fourth years continue to introduce and advance skills in architectural design as well as developing the core elements of building technology and professional practice. This is the case in both the Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Architecture programs, with minor changes in the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program due to the reduced number of credits over a 4-year pre-program leading to graduate studies in architecture. The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program is based on 183 credits versus 225 credits required for the Bachelor of Architecture degree. Additionally, the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree does not require an undergraduate thesis sequence to be completed over 3 consecutive quarters in the fifth and final year of the program.

Both architectural programs require students to complete a required number of credits in professional elective credits providing students with a range of opportunities for interdisciplinary coursework in other programs such as Construction Management, Graphic Design & Interactive Media, and Interior Architecture & Design. A minor consisting of 18 elective credits is an option for students in either program but may require taking additional elective credits.

The 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree offers a curriculum that prepares students to become licensed architects. This program teaches both the fundamentals of the profession as well as the advanced theories and practical application of creating inspirational structures in a sustainable manner. Learn more about the Bachelor of Architecture degree program.

The 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree prepares students to enter a NAAB accredited first professional Master of Architecture program. This program opens the door to many academic options and prepares students for a variety of architecture and design-related career paths, excluding architectural licensure. Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree program.

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