Program Learning Outcomes: Graduate Architecture: Graduate Architecture | NewSchool
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The ability to use critical observation, employ relevant and contextual theoretical and practical criteria, and appropriately apply rational and scientific methods to inform and evaluate design decisions in written, verbal, and other forms of communication.

The ability to use graphic representation skills in a wide variety of media to generate architectural ideas in two and three dimensions in order to identify, investigate, analyze, and communicate design solutions.

The knowledge and ability to apply a design decision-making process through appropriate technical documentation in a manner that is client-centered, sustainable, aesthetic, cost-effective, and socially responsible.

The ability to comprehend and apply technical knowledge of building systems, materials, techniques, and components, including life safety, accessibility, and sustainability.

The ability to holistically research, analyze, and synthesize the aesthetic, technical, legal, social, and ethical implications of design decisions to advance well-integrated building solutions based on firm notions of materiality, constructability, and sustainability.

The understanding of how to collaboratively lead teams of stakeholders in the process of conceiving, developing, and implementing solutions to problems in the built and natural environments, utilizing knowledge of the diverse forms and dimensions of professional practice and the ethical, legal, financial, and social responsibilities associated with each.

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