The Master of Science in Architecture program is open to baccalaureate degree-holders who are interested in focused research in selected aspects of architecture. Candidates often come from backgrounds in real-estate development, engineering, and other fields associated in some way with architecture, although this is not a prerequisite of the program. As with the Master of Architectural Studies program, the thesis forms the major component of the curriculum. 45 units are required for completion of this program.

Note: The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) does not recognize and/or accredit Master of Science in Architecture degrees.

  • Program Length: 1 Year
  • Prerequisites: Undergraduate Degree in Any Field
  • On-Campus Program
  • Program Outline

Track I: Healthy Urbanism

There is a growing acknowledgement that the way cities and neighborhoods are designed directly impacts the health of residents, workers, and visitors. At the same time, many designers and planners fail to create healthy urban environments through lack of understanding, experience, and training. This track provides students with a grounding in the processes and design strategies that promote healthful cities.

Track II: Neuroscience for Architecture **CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED

NewSchool is at the forefront of research into the connection between neuroscience and architecture. Our research explores the power of architecture on the mind and how specific concepts in neuroscience might be applied to design. We are a charter member of the Design Health Consortium and a founding member of the American Institute of Architect’s Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA).

In this track, students develop a working knowledge of the brain and learn aspects of how it processes spatial cues. Studio work utilizes an evidence-based design approach, grounding architectural concepts in neuroscience.

Our Master of Science in Architecture degree program can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Architectural Manager
  • Educator
  • Engineering Manager
  • Drafter
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