Architecture & Design Lecture Series | NewSchool
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Tuesday, November 9 | Dr. Steffen Lehmann “The Next Generation City: Healthy, Green, Resilient”

Tuesday, September 18 | Raymond Richard Neutra “Neutra’s Nearness to Nature: Why and How” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, October 10 | William J.R. Curtis “A Meditation on Light”
Monday, October 22 | Eric Corey Freed “Healthy Buildings for Everyone: Tapping into Biology to Grow the Next Generation of Buildings”
Wednesday, November 14 | Marvin Malecha “Believing in the Teaching of Design” >> Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, November 28 | Ralph Roesling “RNT Practice: Vision, Space, and Light” >> Watch the Lecture
Thursday, January 24 | Rodrigo Marván “Con Tiempo” >> Watch the Lecture
Thursday, February 7 | Teddy Cruz & Fonna Forman “Cross-Border Citizens”
Thursday, February 21 | Luis Othon Villegas-Solis & Patricio Ramal “Seducing the Mind Through Design: Architecture & the Gastronomic Experience” >> Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, May 8 | Jeff Svitak “Spatial Constructs & Emotional Valuation”
Thursday, May 23 | Rob Quigley “Architecture & Humility”
Thursday, May 24 | Mark Hewitt “Crafting, Depicting, Assembling: A Cognitive Overview of Architectural Design” >> Watch the Lecture

Wednesday, October 11 | Kenneth Frampton
Tuesday, October 24 | John Onians
Wednesday, November 15 | Dan Brunn
Wednesday, February 7 | Snøhetta “Habitat: Large and Small”
Thursday, February 8 | Bob Condia “Applied Neuroscience for Architects: How Architecture Means Something” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, February 21 | Frank Harmon “Native Place: Drawing as a Way to See”
Wednesday, March 7 | Frank Wolden “Urban Optimism: Can Architecture Save the Planet?” >>Watch the Lecture
Friday, May 4 | Alessandro Gattara “Architectural Empathy: Embodied Simulation in OFfice Interiors” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, May 9 | Michael Arbib “From Frogs’ Brains to the Drawing of Buildings” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, May 23 | Christian Hölljes

Wednesday, October 19 | Billie Tsien “Inside Out”
Wednesday, November 2 | Rick Joy “Taking the Time”
Wednesday, November 9 | Stephen Emmitt “The Architecture of Practice”
Wednesday, December 7 | Don Norman “The Future of Design (or, Design isn’t what you think it is)”
Wednesday, January 25 | Colin Ellard “This is Your Brain on Urban Design”
Wednesday, February 8 | Alumni Panel “Divergent Paths”
Wednesday, February 22 | Brando Kolarevic
Wednesday, April 26 | Josemaria de Churtichaga “Unexpected Design Tools for Architecture Students”
Wednesday, May 10 | Lance Hosey “Redesigning Innovation”
Wednesday, May 24 | Vuslat Demircay “Response to Change” >>Watch the Lecture

Wednesday, October 21 | Patricia Rhee
Wednesday, November 4 | Trevor Boddy
Wednesday, November 18 | Michele Saee “Hide: Sketches of Space”
Wednesday, December 2 | Chuck Crawford “Two Roosters and a Rabbit”
Wednesday, January 27 | Jose Wagner Garcia & Matias Nieto Tolosa
Thursday, February 11 | John Thackara “How to Thrive in the Next Economy”
Wednesday, February 24 | Marvin J. Maclecha, FAIA, DPACSA “Being Creative, Being a Creative”
Wednesday, March 9 | Dario Miticocchio “Where is Design Going?”
Wednesday, April 20 | Harry Mallgrave “What is the Nature of Architectural Research?”
Wednesday, April 27 | Stanley Saitowitz “Building the City”
Wednesday, May 11 | Kurt Hunker “Aalto for Everyone”
Wednesday, May 25 | Patkau Architects “Work/Play”
Wednesday, June 8 | Thomas Albright “Toward a Neuroscience for Architecture”

Wednesday, February 4 | Lawrence Herzog “Global Sprawl”
Monday, February 23 | Gil Penalosa “Creating People-Friendly Cities”
Tuesday, March 10 | Ezio Manzini “Cosmopolitan Localism” >>Watch the Lecture
Monday, April 20 | Leon Krier “A Critical Discussion of Le Corbsier and the Art of Place Making”
Wednesday, April 29 | Richard Jackson “America’s Health Threat: Poor Urban Design”
Wednesday, May 6 | Len Zegarski “Words and Works of Kahn”
Tuesday, May 19 | Neuroscience Symposium Keynote “Architecture & Perception (How the Built Environment Influences Research)”
Thursday, May 28 | Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) “Neuroscience and Environmental Design: Implications for Education”
Saturday, May 30 | Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) “Towards a Neuroscience for Architecture”
Wednesday, June 3 | Joe Kennedy “The Art of Natural Building”
Friday, June 19 | Gianandrea Barreca “Artifact & Landscape – Architecture vs. Nature”

Wednesday, October 30 | Eric R.P. Farr “Envelope, Facade, Enclosure, Skin, Wrapping, Elevation”
Tuesday, November 5 | Ezequiel Farca “Design Spheres: The Fine Line Between Architecture, Interior, and Product Design”
Tuesday, November 26 | Carl Callewaert “Real-Time Visualization: Architecture Meets Games”
Wednesday, February 19 | Juhani Pallasmaa “Landscapes of Architectural Education: Architecture, Knowledge and Existential Wisdom” >>Watch the Lecture
Wednesday, April 16 | Brigitte Shim “In and Out”

Wednesday, October 24 | Paolo Giachi
Wednesday, November 14 | Clive Wilkenson “The Architecture of the Large Organization”
Wednesday, December 5 | Russell Thomsen & Eric Kahn “Driven by Dilemma”
Friday, January 11 | Marco Susani & Elena Pacenti “Next-Gen Design: What the Future of Design Holds for a New Generation of Designers”
Wednesday, January 16 | Fernando Romero “You are the Context”
Wednesday, February 6 | Ciro Najle “Material Discipline”
Wednesday, February 13 | Mark Rios
Wednesday, February 20 | Winy Maas “What’s Next?”
Wednesday, March 6 | Jennifer Luce “Deliberate Blur/Design Thinking Across Perceived Boundaries”
Wednesday, April 10 | Aaron Draplin “Tall Tales from a Large Man”
Wednesday, April 17 | Michael Palladino “The New San Diego Courthouse: The Art and The Architecture”
Wednesday, May 1 | Peter Bohlin “Soft Modernism – The Nature of Circumstance”
Friday, May 17 | Kai-Uwe Bergmann “Hedonistic Sustainability”
Friday, May 29 | Peter Zellner “Economy of Form”

Monday, November 21 | Lorenzo Imbesi “Hybrid in Design: Design as a Cultural and Collective Process”
Tuesday, February 7 | Richard Louv
Friday, March 2 | Joshua Prince-Ramus “Slow Architecture” >>Watch the Lecture

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