Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design

Interdisciplinary, Integrative Practice to Produce Functional and Beautiful Spaces

When you walk into a restaurant do you find yourself redesigning the layout? Do you notice not just fabrics and lighting but also how the shape of the room effects how people interact? Interior Architects are talented and trained designers who help shape interior spaces to improve their usability.

Interior architecture and design is a growing and evolving discipline that requires its practitioners to produce functional and beautiful spaces that fulfill human expectations while incorporating evolving technology and sustainable perspectives.

Whether you are a high school student with a passion for making inside spaces both beautiful and functional or an experienced designer seeking to pursue licensure, NewSchool of Architecture & Design’s practitioner-oriented Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design program will put you at the forefront of these trends.

Our hands-on interior architecture and design program focuses on interdisciplinary, integrative practice and sustainable, socially responsible design—along with giving you an international education.

The interiors of buildings can change functions many times in the span of their existence, especially as more buildings are built for sustainability with anticipated lifespans of 100 years. The work of interior designers often focuses on tenant improvement or redesigning an existing facility for a new use. Further, these new interiors must be sustainable, meet human needs for performance and satisfaction, be consistent with changing requirements of families and businesses, and provide healthy and safe work or living environments.

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design is offered through the Domus Academy School of Design at NewSchool. Students benefit from a truly global academic experience. Visiting faculty and other design experts with international experience create a global design campus experience at NewSchool. Moreover, the Interior Design degree program includes a study-abroad opportunity in the world design center of Milan.

Career Tracks

  • Domestic and residential (specialized firms on kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Businesses and specialized brands (hospitality, office, retail, restaurant, healthcare, schools)
  • Exhibit and temporary spaces (convention centers, businesses, events)
  • Furniture and lighting design specialists

Job opportunities range from employment in specialized design services; architectural and design firms; home furnishing, furniture and materials shops and retailers; furniture and lighting design companies; and self-employment as a freelance designer or consultant.

Career services staff at NewSchool are ready to speak with you about the possibilities that lie ahead for you. Contact us with any questions.