NewSchool design students worked with Swenyo, a company that develops home accessories for the millennial market, to develop exciting new products for their line. Over the course of a semester, students met with Swenyo to learn about their brand and become familiar with their target market and current product offerings.

Students presented several new products to the Swenyo designers that addressed issues of storage for the millennial generation. Design student, Marcelo Kertesz, developed a clever velcro wall that builds on Swenyo’s strong visual language offering a reconfigurable and playful storage solution. Jacinto Berrios took a different approach. Jacinto developed a storage solution that addresses the problem of dorm walls not being able to hold heavy loads. Instead of relying on the walls to hold the weight of the storage, the storage was made up of sturdy and minimalist polls. The polls could be customized to meet the individual storage needs.