Swenyo, a startup designing room goods for young adults (teenage to late twenties), challenged our students to design storage solution targeted primarily to college students, keeping in mind the specific situation of the college dorm. The request was to explore three typologies: large wall storage; small wall storage and desk storage. The students did research both online and by interviewing other students in 2 different campuses to find themes to work on.

Pole by Jacinto Berrios

Jacinto developed a storage solution that addresses the problem of dorm walls not being able to hold heavy loads. Instead of relying on the walls to hold the weight of the storage, the storage was made up of sturdy and minimalist polls. The polls could be customized to meet the individual storage needs.

Tube by Marcelo Kertesz

Marcelo’s solution is a simple yet clever desk storage unit that neatly organizes your devices and desk things without taking up too much desk space, and builds on a skateboard-inspired aesthetic that is well aligned with Swenyo’s brand values.

Box-in-a-Box by Josep Maria Serra

Josep’s Solution is a desk storage unit that he called “box-in-a-box”: the multiple parts assemble to create a variety of desk storage options and at the same time offer some cable management by concealing the omnipresent power strips and chargers.

Hooks & Loops by Marcelo Kertesz

Marcelo designed a clever velcro wall that builds on Swenyo’s strong visual language offering a re-configurable and playful storage solution.