NewSchool product design students worked with SoundUnited, a group that creates top quality audio equipment, to develop a new product line. SoundUnited challenged our students to envision products that would serve “the future of sound.” The purpose was not only to design a beautiful piece of audio equipment but also to potentially challenge how we currently use sound equipment. Students visited a sound research lab and had multiple conversations with the SoundUnited team to identify themes to explore.

The Clip by Josep Maria Serra
Josep’s project, that he called “clip”, is a wearable speaker that is meant to deliver personal sound without the potential fatigue of wearing headphones. It utilizes the latest technology in the creation of “sound beams” to focus the sound where it needs to go and block it in other directions. It can be worn as a single device or coupled (and paired via Bluetooth) with a second one for stereo sound, and it’s designed to fit with the BOOM brand.