Featured IDEA Finalist | Student Work
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In today’s society, music is so ubiquitous that the challenge of this project was to come up with a new way to listen to music, creating a deeper and richer experience. Marcelo focused on the relationship between music and visuals. Finding inspiration in the concept of Cymatics, he decided to tackle the relationship between sound and image, creating a new product that not only reproduces sound but generates and plays images that accompany the music. This design not only provides an excellent music experience with high-quality speakers but enhances the experience with a visual layer.

There are many pieces of equipment that focus on the image experience, producing sound as a support for the visual component. This design inverts this perspective, producing images as a music experience enhancer. It inaugurates a new product and also a new marketplace for music with different visual layers from different artists and collaborators.

“In a world where the musical experience has become so frugal, VisualSpeakers represent an effort to bring back an emotional connection with music.”

The idea is that, through a visual layer dedicated to complementing the sound, we can create an even better music experience. VisualSpeakers also creates a new exciting and creative place for exchange between visual artists, musicians, and creatives in general, who will be able to present their artistic visual expression combined with music.

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is a premier international design competition sponsored annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and judged by renowned design experts from around the world. Top IDEA winners are featured in IDSA’s INNOVATION Magazine: Yearbook of Excellence; IDSA.org; and global media outreach. View the design on Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) website.

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