Student Council


Student Council members are the official student representatives of NewSchool of Architecture & Design. Student Council aims to promote social, cultural, and educational programs; advocate for student interest; provide leadership opportunities; and participate in shared governance. Some of the recent Student Council events include the Gingerbread Design Competition.


Esmeralda Maldonado, President
Esmeralda is a 4th year undergraduate architecture student with a minor in Construction Management. Esmeralda served as the Vice President for 2015-2016 Student Council.

Danica Molenaar, Vice President
Danica is a 2nd year Interior Architecture and Design student. Danica served as a class representative during her first year at NewSchool. She is also a student assistant for the Career Services Department.

Kaylee Drexel
Kaylee is a 2nd year undergraduate Architecture student. Kaylee also works part time as a student assistant in the Richard Welsh Library.


Student Council is actively seeking students interested in serving as official student representatives of NewSchool. If you’re interested in learning more about Student Council, email