Permission to Participate


An individual who is seeking permission to walk at commencement must meet fundamental qualifications prior to submitting a request. These qualifications are as follows:

  1. The individual who is seeking to walk at commencement must be within fifteen (15) units of graduation. In addition to the unit requirement, these units must be completed no later than the end of the fall quarter following the Spring Commencement Ceremony.
  2. The individual who wishes to walk at commencement must have completed the noncredit course requirement for a portfolio.


The process by which an individual request and is granted permission to walk at commencement when unit requirements for graduation are not yet met must be transparent and rigorous. The following steps in the process must be followed.

1. An individual wishing to gain permission to walk must first acquire a sign off from Academic Advising indicating that the maximum unit allowance to qualify and the plan for graduation prior to the end of the following fall quarter can be met. At this stage, Academic Advising must verify that the individual has completed the noncredit portfolio course. Both require verification from the Registrar’s Office. At this stage of the request the individual must also sign a commitment to complete the required coursework.

2. Once the necessary sign-off from Academic Advising has been accomplished, the student must submit a request to walk at commencement to the program chair. The program chair will then provide an additional sign-off recommending or denying permission to walk. This recommendation will then be sent to the president or the president’s designee for approval.

3. With the final approval of the request, the student will be permitted to walk at commencement.