Career Center Services

The career services that we provide here at NewSchool is a bit different than most schools in that we provide a comprehensive mentorship that starts on your first day and lasts far beyond your time as a NewSchool student. Our team works closely with you in helping you develop your career goals, preparing you to meet with employers and securing job opportunities. The services we provide include:

Career Counseling

  • One-on-one counseling sessions to conduct self-assessments, discuss your career goals, and more

Personalized Career Management Plans

  • Develop your own step-by-step plan for career development

Job Search Strategies

  • Resume and interview prep sessions
  • Networking techniques
  • Job-creation tactics
  • Proactive analysis of key markets
  • Follow-up approaches
  • Interviewing strategies and tactics

Career Services Events

  • Annual Grad Show
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Industry Day (NewSchool’s Job Fair)
  • Career Services Strategy Sessions
  • Company Information Seminars

Job Postings and Job Matching

  • Email blasts
  • Bulletin boards
  • Social media alerts
  • On-site interviewing
  • Individualized strategic positioning


  • Starter guides (one-page overviews about resumes, profile statements, portfolios, cover letters, and thank you letters)
  • Intern development program overviews
  • Career resource manuals
  • Industry nonprofit brochures

For Employers