Green By Design

Sustainability is a key value at NewSchool. Academically and operationally, we are committed to limit our collective impact on the earth and also take a leadership position in promoting sustainability practices to our students.

The goals of the Green By Design committee is to educate the NewSchool community on a wide array of sustainability issues and opportunities. We are committed to:

  • Recommending effective campus policies for sustainability
  • Identifying opportunities for sustainable initiatives
  • Work towards completing a sustainability audit for the campus
  • Promoting programs and services in the San Diego community that endorse sustainability consciousness

Green By Design Campus-Wide Initiatives

Reusable Bottles and Travel Mugs

NewSchool has many water and coffee stations located around campus. These stations provide a quick and convenient way to refill a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug on the go. These stations are intended for students, faculty, and staff to bring reusable receptacles, so be sure to bring your reusable bottle with you when you’re on campus! Not only will you reduce your impact on the environment by limiting single-use bottles, you’ll also save money: Bottles of water from vending machines are $1.50.

Alternative Transportation

  • We encourage all members of the campus community to think about their environmental impact when commuting to and from campus, and to use alternative transportation whenever possible. Sustainable options include using the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), riding your bike, walking, or carpooling.
  • Biking is a very common way to commute to campus quickly and easily.

Waste Reduction & Recycling on Campus

  • There are recycling bins located throughout the campus and in every studio. Take an extra moment to be sure you’re sorting your waste correctly and you’ll be helping campus move toward its sustainability goals.
  • Utilize the recycling center in the Materials Lab to use for your projects. The Materials Lab stores scrap materials for students to re-use. This will help improve the environment and save you money on new supplies!
  • Limit your printing as much as possible. You can limit your printing by editing your projects digitally and making a conscious effort to only print your final projects.

Energy Efficiency

We’re helping to reduce energy consumption across campus, and you can help too by turning off equipment and lights when not in use and unplug electronics that aren’t being used.

Take a Class to Learn More

Several classes offered at NewSchool are centered around sustainability and healthy environments. Check the class schedule each quarter or meet with your Academic Advisor to learn about classes offered.


The following links provide more information about sustainability programs and services in San Diego: