Associate Professor, Graduate Architecture

Tatiana Berger | (619) 684-8782


  • Master of Architecture, Princeton University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

About Tatiana

Tatiana A. Berger is an award-winning urban designer, architect, author, and educator. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University (1992-95) and a B.A. in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley (1987-92). In addition to architecture and city planning, she studied sociology, anthropology, and political science at UC Berkeley and at Princeton University.

Ms.Berger has over 25 years of international experience in professional practice and education. She has worked as an urban designer and architect in five countries: U.S., Russia, Portugal, Spain, and Austria. She has collaborated with two Pritzker-Prize winning architects, Alvaro Siza and Richard Meier, on urban plans in Lisbon, Porto, Portugal and New York City. Her numerous built works, community plans and collaborations were published in international periodicals and presented in exhibitions in Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Moscow, Venice and other cities. The plan for Chiado, Lisbon won several international awards over the last years, and the urban designs for Ostozhenka in Moscow were exhibited at the Venice Biennale. Ms.Berger speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Russian fluently, and has basic knowledge of Italian and German.

For over 20 years, Ms.Berger has overseen urban projects, many of them built, in the following regions: Ostozhenka District in Central Moscow; Planning of diverse neighborhoods in Moscow, with a focus on new district plans adjacent to the railways; Chiado district in central Lisbon, Portugal (oversaw planning and construction in Chiado, as lead planner and architect, from 1997-2004), in collaboration with Pritzker-Prize winner Alvaro Siza; Residential and community planning in Evora, Portugal; Urban plans for Clairemont, University City, and Downtown San Diego with NewSchool students. She was Executive Director of the Sochi Olympics Project at ILF Engineers until 2007.

Ms. Berger is Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego, since 2013. She was Chair of the Lecture Series at NewSchool since 2014 and Chair of NCAP. She has taught architectural and urban design studio, theory, and research for the past 13 years in Boston, MA, Bristol, RI and in San Diego. A member of the ANFA (Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture) Advisory Council since 2018, she has developed new curriculum in architectural and urban theory with a focus on ANFA themes. Her students have won design and planning awards in San Diego, including the Architecture at Zero Award, C.A.S.H. School Design Awards, and the AIA Student Awards.

In 2010 Ms.Berger co-founded with Professor Carlos Seoane the Compostela Urban Research Institute, a transdisciplinary, innovative laboratory for research and education in environmental design, urban planning, sociology/anthropology, and building crafts in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Berger is Co-Director of the Institute. She completed urban design projects throughout Galicia with several international cohorts, in close collaboration with the government of Santiago de Compostela and with the local community. Much of this work has been published and several of the projects will be implemented by the Government of Galicia. Her innovative urban design work in Galicia, Spain (with a focus on social responsibility and public health) has been praised by leading educators, architects and authors like Juhani Pallasmaa, William JR Curtis, David Chipperfield, and Alvaro Siza. Tatiana Berger was an invited juror and guest speaker at ETH Zurich, Porto School of Architecture, Moscow Architectural Institute, Princeton University, and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

Ms.Berger has lectured internationally on theory, urbanism, practice and transdisciplinary design education. She has a special interest in the relationship between urban design and public health. She investigates with students the socio-political, cultural, and economic context of the built environment. Berger is currently working on a book exploring the many implications of cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and environmental psychology for architecture and urbanism. She collaborates on a regular basis with distinguished scientists at Salk Institute and at UCSD (in disciplines such as Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology and Neurobiology) to explore new disciplines at the emerging juncture of the human sciences and the arts.

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