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Admissions Advisor

Meg Heller

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About Meg

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. It was inevitable that I would end up graduating from The Ohio State University where I studied Communication, so do I even have to say it!?


I am relatively new to the San Diego area so my current passions are discovering the pockets of culture that exist throughout the city. It has always been a passion of mine to discover what it is in each person that brings them to LIFE. There are secret opportunities in every single moment to know, love, and serve one another. It is my responsibility to honor this in our students at NewSchool.

I get to work alongside creatives and walk with them as they are making decisions about their undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and life as a whole.

When I am not at NewSchool I like to spend my time with my friends, going on adventures, and eating good food. I enjoy catching up with my Ohio people, whom I miss dearly. Though I am convinced my journey is unfolding right now and right here in San Diego, maybe yours is too.

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