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Eric Farr

About Eric

Dr. Eric Farr is an author-architect, architectural design consultant, researcher, educator and active critic since 1998. Holding Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in theory and design, he has studied, taught and practiced architecture and urban planning/design in three continents, experienced high architecture with Coop Himmelb(l)au, JM Architects, PRP Architects, Atkins Global, WATG, Ian Simpson Architects, and others for more than 15 years. He has been carrying out a number of lectures, and publishing and delivering more than 30 of his research projects, journal papers, book chapters, and conference papers through worldwide well-known organizations.

While, acting as the founding principal of NONAMES Design Research Institute focusing on: objects, fuzziness, intramural built environment, design methods and processes, integrated systems design, (Mass-) customization and personalization, generative design and digital fabrication, facade and envelope systems, he leads a team of international designers and researchers worldwide with the goal of “Promoting Architecture Again (PAA)”; as the coordinator of architectural and urban theory and history at NSAD, he teaches graduate thesis, architectural theory and digital design, as well as helping the next generation of thinkers, scholars, and architects, with adopting multi-, cross- and trans-disciplinary approaches to flourish design thinking through cutting-edge research projects and papers. He has been an invited critic and reviewer to a number of academic journals and conferences including Energy and Buildings, Capitalism, Nature and Socialism, Automation in Construction. He is closely collaborating with his commission-based architectural practice, Studio DENAMES, as well.

As an award-winning architect, researcher and designer with a number of recognitions, his organization was shortlisted as a finalist in the international architectural competition of Liberland among about 200 entries in 2016. Dr. Farr and his research partners won SEEDS awards for two years in a row (2015 and 2016) in the UK. In Ken Robert (KRob) Delineation Competition 2016 with more than 400 entries, his oeuvre was pronounced as a finalist.

With a track record of providing support for promoting the roles of women and ethnic groups in architecture and design, he has been teaching advanced topic in high-rise, and generative and comprehensive design studios, architecture and urban theory and history, environmental technology, architecture technology, urban design as well as design research, computational design and digital fabrication, and theses at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. His former students and mentees have joined top-ranked firms like Gensler, MG2, Greenberg Farrow, Leonidas, Carrier-Johnson, and Autodesk to work, as well as leading universities such as UC Berkley, MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology and Cambridge University to further their education.

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